Our Nation's Past Revisited Through Images

April 19, 2014

Authentic Civil War Belt Buckles

Authentic Civil War Belt Buckles   One of the most traded pieces of merchandise for Civil War collectors are authentic Civil War Belt Buckles.   Much like the Union and Confederate uniform, the belt buckles are very distinguishable pieces of clothing that were worn by a majority of the soldiers of this time era.  One thing that we stress is to get a 2nd opinion before buying any Confederate or Union belt buckle as there are many fakes on the market. Getting a 2nd opinion from a trusted Civil War collector before purchasing anything online is always a good idea. …continue reading

Union Civil War Weapons

Union Civil War Weapons Union Civil War weapons were a major reason why the North took advantage of the South.  While the South relied more on long range rifles, the Northern soldiers of the Union were keen on using many smaller pistols  and knives. Due to the proximity in battle and the ability to reload quicker then muskets and rifles, the smaller pistols became the turning point of the Civil War.   Many soldiers were able to use these pistols in close proximity (20-40 yards) of their target and reload or switch to a blade in little time.  This advantage …continue reading

Civil War NCO Sword

Civil War NCO Sword If one weapon can describe hand to hand military combat it would be the Civil War NCO Sword.  Much like the Civil War bayonet,  the swords of the Civil War Era were prominently used by soldiers due to the close combat that took place.   If you ever see a Civil War enactment, like the ones they have throughout the South, you will see many soldiers carrying this weapon. One thing that we like the most about this weapon is the sturdiness and stability when compared to the Bayonet.  Because bayonets were attached to rifles, many …continue reading

Images of Rifles Civil War

Civil War Rifle Images Rifles Civil War is one of the most commonly searched terms for collector’s looking for Civil War weapons.  While it is rare to find a Civil War weapon that is in mint condition, many collectors have found some that are in great shape and that are available online.  Above is a picture from a private collector of several different types of rifles. The Civil War rifle was one of the first weapons that were available to soldiers during the War period.  Many soldiers had to learn how to use the rifle during the war, as many …continue reading

Bayonets in the Civil War

 Bayonets in the Civil War   Bayonets in the Civil War were among the most common weapons attached to rifles.   Used as a weapon for close contact, the bayonets of the Civil War era may be responsible for the most deaths of any weapon of the era.  Because rifles at this time were hard to reload and were often inaccurate, many soldiers used the bayonet as their #1 weapon. By the time of World War I the bayonet was still a prominent weapon but used less and less in actual combat, as the rifles of the time period were …continue reading

Civil War Artifact- What to Collect

Civil War Artifact Pic As we are passing the 150 year mark since the American Civil War,  owning a Civil War artifact is becoming more and more rare.  While many people look at the Civil War era as the worst time in U.S. History,  many think of the weapons, clothes and Civil War era artifacts are among the coolest artifacts around. If you are interested in collecting these war time artifacts you are not alone.  Each year thousands of Civil War enthusiasts meet around the United States at a number of artifact swap meets and conventions.  Among the most popular …continue reading

Civil War Cannons

Civil War Cannons War Cannons became one of the most dominant weapons of the Civil War as they were used for a variety of reasons.   Known as the best powerful weapon of that time period,  Civil War cannons were used by both the North and the South.  One fact that many people don’t know is that in Charleston, SC the only thing that saved the city from destruction is the palm trees that deflected Civil War cannonballs from destroying the city. Some of the most famous Civil War Cannon models include the Parrott Rifle, Gatling Gun, and the Ordnance …continue reading

War 1861- The American Civil War

War 1861- The American Civil WarThe inauguration of Abraham Lincoln was a big reason for the War 1861, otherwise known as the Civil War.   Lincoln was a huge opponent to slavery and this caused the State of South Carolina to leave the Union and form their own government.  This was the beginning of the start of the North vs. South 1861 War or as it became known as the Civil War.  Civil means a war between the same nation. During 1861 a deep rift between the North and the South took place, mainly due to Southern Plantation owners being …continue reading

Confederate Rifle Pictures

  Confederate Rifle Pictures   Confederate Rifle Pictures is among the most popular Civil War artifacts that we cover.  Looking at the picture above of 5 of the most popular Civil War Rifles.   The Harpers Ferry rifle,  the Austrian Lorenz and both the British and Short Enfield are among the most popular Civil War era rifles around.   One of the most famous Confederate Rifles is the U.S. Springfield pictured at the bottom. While many of these original 1860s era rifles were not accurate like the modern rifle, they were very useful in the 30-50 yard range, which was …continue reading

Replica Civil War Swords

Replica Civil War Swords   Replica Civil War Swords are among one of the most popular civil war items that collectors buy, trade and sell.  These Civil War era swords are usually found online through places like Ebay or at Swap Meets. Most of these swords have wear and tear on them, but some are in very good condition. Finding one of these swords has become more rare, especially the Confederate swords, as these were not used as much and many were lost in the battles.  Prices on these range up to several thousand dollars depending on the condition and …continue reading