Great Inventions of the Civil War

The American Civil War is commonly referred to as the first modern war thanks to new inventions and innovations.  Below are some of the great inventions of the Civil War.

#1)  Weapons-  Weapons are without a doubt the greatest invention from the Civil War.  The bored rifle was widely used for the first time and it revolutionized the way that wars were fought.  Before the Civil War, it was common for armies to use line tactics.  The introduction of the rifle increased soldier’s accuracy and allowed them to hit their target at a farther distance.  One of the best was the bayonet, which is a sharp knife that was used on the end of rifles.civil war pics

#2) Photography-  The Civil War is significant because it was the first war to be photographed.  Photographs differ from paintings because they are real images versus someone’s interpretation of what they see.  There is a lot to say about the people who took photographs of the Civil War.  They put their lives on the line and then had to carry around heavy cameras.  Today people use photography to capture special moments and share them with family and friends.

#3)  Life-saving amputation-  A medical innovation from the Civil War was life-saving amputation.  Before the Civil War, medics would try to salvage limbs by wound-cleaning rats and maggots.  But this method became outdated and doctors needed a new way to save lives.  Doctors would have to soak a handkerchief in chloroform and then use a knife to swiftly remove the limb.  This medical innovation had a significant impact on wars because it saved thousands of lives.

#4)  Quad Roller Skates –  No one would have ever enjoyed a night at the skating rink without the invention of quad roller skates during the Civil War.  They were created in New York City and instantly became a big success.  The first skating rink was opened in Rhode Island a few years later.  The quad roller skates are significant because they are an important part of American culture.  Skates that were made in the past were much harder to move around in.

#5)  type writer-  The type writer was invented by Christopher Sholes and was an important tool for communication.  He invented the type writer when he was looking for an easier way to automatically number the pages in a book.  The type writer is significant because it increased communication by allowing information to travel more easily.

#6)  linoleum-  Linoleum is one of the most common materials used to manufacture things for the home and was invented during the Civil War.  Linoleum is significant because it’s an expensive material that allows Americans to build things for a lower price.  Installing linoleum floors are more affordable than installing wood floors.

#7) Recreational bicycles – As with the quad roller skates the recreational bicycles for children and adults became a big success after their unique designs were launched and produced in America during the civil war.

#8)  Paper cash-  One of the inventions from the Civil War that people tend to forget about is paper money.  Paper cash is an important part of the transformation of the United States banking system.

#9)  postcard-  Another innovation from the Civil War that helped increase communication was the post card.  While this seems like easy stuff today back then the idea of an automated printing machine was out of question.   Many postcards were made by hand and cut one by one.

#10)  twist drill-  Twist drills are used by contractors and home designers.  Before the Civil War, drills were flat, pointed and sharp.  The twisted drill has two parallel spiral grooves that can be used on a variety of projects.