War 1861- The American Civil War

War 1861- The American Civil Warwar 1861The inauguration of Abraham Lincoln was a big reason for the War 1861, otherwise known as the Civil War.   Lincoln was a huge opponent to slavery and this caused the State of South Carolina to leave the Union and form their own government.  This was the beginning of the start of the North vs. South 1861 War or as it became known as the Civil War.  Civil means a war between the same nation.

During 1861 a deep rift between the North and the South took place, mainly due to Southern Plantation owners being upset about the Union’s opposition against their slavery.  Many Southern landowners banded together like never before to start the war.  Besides the slavery issues there was many other ongoing North vs. South problems that were brewing,  slavery along with several other Civil War causes eventually led to our nation at war.